Why you should use zoom for your videoconferences

Zoom has become a popular videoconferencing application since the global health crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic. This solution allows you to conduct a conference, meeting, seminar or online shopping with around 10,000 participants. This article informs you about the use of zoom for your video conferences, advantages and disadvantages.

Use Zoom in a few steps.

First, you need to join an instant meeting via an email invitation, an instant messaging invitation, from the browser, mobile and desktop applications

Second, to join a Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device, you need to download the Zoom application from the download sites or you need to join via your company's invitation link. You can also take part in a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom. And to finish with the steps, you have to do the configuration. To do this, each meeting has a unique 9, 10 or 11 digit number called a meeting number which is required to take part in a Zoom meeting.

It's a risk-taking with enough interest

The use of Zoom is efficient and is the best solution found in this period to realize a conference, a meeting, a seminar or an online purchase with 10000 participants. This collaborative tool allows users to exchange online through a secure messaging and share content in real time. It could host up to 10000 participants with a video visible on the screen in mosaic, it is undoubtedly a modern solution for meetings, seminars or online conferences. To facilitate communications, the Zoom application uses several features such as HD video and audio systems supporting 1000 video participants and allowing to create a virtual room with at least 49 videos on the screen. Its interactivity is effective with a system of securing the communication by encrypting the data with the implementation of a password protection system. Using Zoom for your video conferences is advantageous and modern. Zoom is undoubtedly an easy-to-use videoconferencing application that is accessible and compatible to everyone.


The risks are often not without side effects.

The main risk concerns the level of security and especially the risk of phishing. The downside is the risk of data loss, intrusion and zoombombing. And this is often noticed when sharing Facebook data. Such interference or irregularities have become widespread during the containment period. This phenomenon has compromised the reputation of the Zoom application. Cyber attacks are therefore important for Zoom users.