What you need to know about medical evacuation in France

In order to receive specific care in France, some patients are required to use air evacuation services. Here is an article, which provides more information about a medical evacuation in France.

What should I know about medical evacuation in France?

Medical evacuation in France can be defined as an air evacuation service dedicated specifically to patients who need to be transported to France or either from France to their country of origin to receive various medical treatments. To find out more, over here. It is also a medical transfer service that facilitates the national and international transport of patients on French soil by ambulance or aircraft.

Why choose medical evacuation to France?

Medical evacuation to France is available to all patients, regardless of their geographical location. Indeed, air medical evacuation is not only favorable for people with existing diseases, who necessarily need to follow or continue their medical treatment in France. Similarly, medical evacuation can be done in case of unexpected situations such as accidents, injured persons, contagious diseases and others. Also, considerably reducing the duration of the journey, this evacuation, depending on the patient's condition, has the possibility of offering a journey by means of a plane or an ambulance. This provides safety and comfort for patients traveling to France.

Advantages of medical transfer to France

By transferring the patient to France, the air evacuation service appoints medical staff to look after the patient all the way to France. Another advantage is that during the medical evacuation to France, the individual patients can receive intensive care during the journey. Further, health evacuations to France also take into account patients with coronavirus. In this respect, it should be clarified that modern air ambulance with isolation devices are available to protect possible companions and the medical team from the spread of the virus, while carrying out medical activities.