What is Visitax?

To revive your old memories of Mexico, you have chosen to spend your vacation in Quintana Roo. With your suitcase packed and your ticket in hand, you find yourself surprised at having to pay a tax called Visitax. Don't be upset, here we reveal what it is.

Visitax: a new tourist tax

Since April 2021, the state has made the decision to tax tourist travel to the Caribbean or Mexico. The Visitax fee is therefore fixed and enters into the expenses to be considered for tourist trips to CancĂșn, Tulum or Isla de Mujeres. As explained on visitax.eu, this fee applies to people traveling for tourism purposes. Therefore, travel for study, professional and health purposes are exempt from this fee. In addition, this tax does not apply to travelers under the age of 4. These fees are collected on behalf of the Mexican government before or upon arrival in the country. It is also possible to make the payment at the end of your stay, but you will have to waste long hours in lines.

Where to make the payment of the Visitax?

There are two options for payment of the Visitax. First, you can pay upon arrival at the airport in the departments prepared for this purpose. The only drawback is that you will have to wait in long, endless queues. Very few people have the patience to endure these stressful moments and besides, this will make you lose a lot of time. The easiest way is to make your payment online on the website dedicated to this service. Just make sure you choose a serious and transparent online provider. For the rest, all you have to do is fill in the form prepared for this purpose on the site. Once the form is filled in, you need to validate your request by making the payment of the fees via credit card. Finally, you will receive a unique QR code to validate the payment of your Visitax. Please note that with third-party sites, the service is for a small professional fee.