What are the different types of baby nappies?

Between the birth of a baby and his third birthday, you will have to change his nappies. It's best to familiarize yourself with these exchanges that will punctuate your daily life. To ensure maximum comfort for your child and to manage your budget as well as possible (on average, 40 € per month over the three years), you should know how to choose the right nappies. Disposable, washable, different sizes: find the criteria to help you in this selection.

Disposable nappies

Disposable baby nappies are, by far, the most favored by parents. It must be said that they have the not inconsiderable advantage of being very practical. No need to bother, after use, you just throw them away in your nappy bin. In addition, disposable nappies come in a variety of models and criteria: more or less absorbent, day or night, particularly active baby, etc. On the other hand, the ecological impact of disposable nappies can be difficult to convince eco-responsible parents. The reason: to produce the cellulose in nappies, thousands of hectares of wood are cut down every year. However, this impact has been decreasing for years. Manufacturers are now offering disposable nappies that contain at least 70% natural materials and no alcohol or dyes. Double advantage: this guarantees a non-chemical appearance for the baby's skin as well. Do you want more information ? Then his response is here.

Cloth nappies

Cloth nappies have really taken off in recent years, well helped by the mothering craze and the search for more ecological solutions. Washable, therefore reusable and this by several children, these nappies also make it possible to make, in the long term, very interesting savings. A way to make the initial "investment" profitable: cloth nappies are more expensive to buy than disposables, and it is advisable to buy at least a dozen from the start. Also, be sure to look at the model you choose as some of these nappies are one size fits all.