The honey of power acquisition.

The acquisition of contemporary power has become like a love affair, characterized by the clinging of leaders to their hierarchical positions. Most of its leaders or heads of state are very often reluctant to lay down the key to power. Multiple reasons are at the origin of this attitude coming from these leaders or heads of state

 The attitudes of leaders and heads of state

Every human being is aware of the fact that it is not an easy thing to acquire power, because not just anyone ventures to the position of the first authority of a country.

Many heads of state around the world are willing to change constitutions and/or interpret them in their own way in order to stay in power.

Often the most common things that prevent them from stepping down from power are money, corruption and popularity. Being in power, they can earn a lot of money, and sometimes, in order to remain rich forever, they cling to power.

For example, former Sudanese President Al Bashir was convicted of corruption and faces charges of genocide and war crimes.

There are enough other examples that are making the news. But by the way, there are many more complicated things going on ,they usually fear losing money and especially being sued after they resign.

 The Influence of the entourage on the leaders.

It is thus clear that the first of the things that matter to leaders and / or Heads of State is primarily their personal interests and not really to the people.

These leaders/heads of state are especially attracted to the delights of the national public purse, i.e. the people's money.Between 1960 and 2010,according to Professor Cheeseman,43% of the leaders who resigned were prosecuted or sent into exile.

Also, there is the pressure that leaders are under from their relatives and political allies or even the forces of the army that brought them to power. Even when sometimes they are fed up, someone important to whom they can't really say no can make them change their mind.

It becomes a kind of political blackmail with the intention of forcing them to stay in power, so that their own interests are not hindered.

This struggle becomes in some ways an obsession and they are sometimes capable of anything to get what they want when they want it and how they want it. That's why it becomes a risk for them to detach themselves from the power, when the moment of giving up the place comes.

Honey, a naturally sweet substance, is also the acquisition of power, because its flavor and taste is always delicious, but it is never enough for the greedy. But if nothing is done, the leaders will turn into Kings and Kinglets and there, democracy would be nothing but a slogan to exchange and not to apply.

The honey of power acquisition is nothing else than money, which is manifested by the embezzlement of public funds through corruption.