Real estate: the best investment you can make in 2021.

Declining economic activity, with low travel rates, businesses that are closed are the events that marked the economic news in 2020.  Many are looking for a way out to get the economy back on track.

Find out why real estate is the best option to make a consistent income in 2021?

Real estate investing in SCPIs

The market for real estate investment trusts (SCPIs) is evolving very well. At the end of 2020, SCPIs reached the number of 206 managed by 38 management companies.

The consultant of the SCPI central says that the French know the importance of the stone, that's why they invest in the SCPI of return.

In 2020, the SCPIs generated 4.18% for the shareholders of the real estate companies and reached an average global performance of 5.30%. The best SPCIs have generated returns of around 6%.

Many SPCIs are now investing in Europe, which is good for real estate investors.

Also, several SPCIs have been able to generate good income like the SCPI PF Hospitalité Europe or the SPCI Activimmo in 2020.

 Resilience of real estate markets to the financial crisis

Real estate investment in 2020 has not been too tormented by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Data from Century 21 shows that real estate investments have never seen so much growth.

Average prices in old real estate have increased by more than 2% in the last year with the square footage rising to nearly 3000€ reveals MeilleursAgents.

Real estate crowdfunding is also in good health. It shows a return of more than 9% currently.

Moreover, crowdfunding is simple, you finance a developer in the construction of housing, with a possibility of having a minimum return of 6%, which can also go beyond 10% when the investment is well done.


The figures revealed by the real estate investment in SPCI and the resistance of the real estate market make this market one of the most important for the upgrade of your portfolio for the year 2021.