Mandatory insurance

For the car. For the house and everything in it. For being sick. For the age. For the case of falls. And for being right. There are many insurance companies. And so many questions about it: do you really need them all? Is there mandatory insurance? Which insurances are mandatory? And which ones are voluntary, but still useful?

Car Insurance

You made a mistake while parking and the car has a dent behind you. This can happen to anyone. And that's why liability insurance must be purchased for every vehicle. Without it, you won't get license plates for your vehicle. Automobile liability insurance covers damage to vehicles, people or things of others that you cause with your car. Partial or total breakdown insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. You can go to this site, where her latest blog talks about it in great detail.

Building Insurance

When a fireplace turns into a room fire. Or major damage from a storm. As a homeowner, you need a mandatory form in most cases to deal with this problem. And it's building insurance that can help you. It deals with fire and natural hazards. For additional coverage, such as water damage, you need private home insurance. So that an accident doesn't become an even bigger disaster.

Personal liability insurance

You just had your neighbor's tablet in your hand, and now it's on the floor. It can happen and it can be costly. Unless you have private liability insurance. Insurance pays for the costs of bodily injury and property damage you cause.

Household insurance

A storm floods your basement. Lightning starts a cable fire. A burglar takes advantage of you. The cost is enormous. So we highly recommend household insurance.