How to become clever?

Being clever has a lot to do with our intelligence which depends on our brain activity. The brain is the siege of the cognitive activities of man. It controls your actions and your mobility. With enough motivation and determination, anyone can expand their mental capabilities and become smarter. So now the question is how to become clever? We answer to this question in this article.

How to become clever: Boost your brain. 

In this session you will find out the technics to use to boost your brain. One thing that can boost your brain is the creation of new neurons. To create new neural pathways and strengthen the brain, it’s critical for people to continually incorporate new experiences and information into their lives. Here are the things to do to create new neurons: 
• Visit new places. Displacement is good for the brain. Whether it is a new place to study, a new coffee shop, a new park, traveling to a new country or taking a different way to go to work or school. Adjusting to these new elements forces the brain to tackle new, unexpected challenges. 
• Challenge your education. Voluntarily choosing to continue education provides a perfect opportunity for your brain to create new connections and build higher intelligence. 
• Read. Reading provides practical assistance by introducing new vocabulary, presenting examples of proper grammar usage, and showing the elegance of a well-written sentence

How to become clever: Do meditation.

Doctors have studied the effects of meditation on the brain  for several years and the results are impressive. People who struggle with fear, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments should experiment with meditation to calm themselves and develop a stronger sense of focus. Meditation relieves stress and anxiety. It increases energy and vitality. All this will help your brain to function better and smarter thereby making you smarter.