Hiking and tourism

Discovery, leisure, physical activities and sports. All together is called hiking. But did you know that it has a tourist side? It is an activity that intervenes much more in the field of health. But its tourist aspect, remains not negligible. The article here, will allow you to know more about hiking and its tourist aspect.

 La Randonné

First considered as a leisure activity, hiking embraces physical activity and sports. It is a walk whose duration is variable according to the choice of participants. With a backpack, containing sleeping bags, it is gone for several days. It helps to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases and to fight depression. Alone or in a group, it is done outdoors on foot following an itinerary. It is practiced in nature and in various forms, such as day hiking, hiking in autonomy, trekking, Afghan walking, Nordic walking, fast hiking, light and ultralight hiking etc...

 The tourist aspect of Hiking

At the same time a sport, a leisure, a discovery and contemplation, hiking is an activity that consists in moving on foot in nature following a direction. Not only that it allows to prevent diseases but also to make discoveries, to learn, and to cultivate oneself. Since it is practiced in the nature and over several days, it allows to visit the nature, to know it and its components. Hence its tourist aspect. It is also accessible to everyone. Even the health side is the first beneficial effect of hiking, the tourist is not also to be neglected. Because hiking is not necessarily practiced in a nature known in advance. This offers an opportunity of discovery to the participants. It is therefore possible that the one who practices the hike is also called a tourist, because he visits, he discovers, he learns and he gets richer.